12. REST Examples in Different Languages

The following sections provide brief examples for accessing REST services in different programming languages. More than anything else, they present mechanisms for sending HTTP GET and/or POST requests in each language; the rest of using REST is simply a matter of architectural design.

You might wish to skip directly to your language of choice (the list is alphabetical):

Finally, the tutorial conclusion contains references to additional resources.


Unknown said...

'For creation, updating, and deleting data, use POST requests.'

Isn't HTTP methods PUT and DELETE, supposed to be used for updating and posting rather than POST?

If i understood correctly ROA comes from resource oriented architecture?

Dr. M. Elkstein said...

Hi Aloitteleva,

Yes, in "pure" ReST, PUT and DELETE can be used. However, developers often find it easier to maximize work with standard tools -- mostly browsers, and generating GET and POST requests from these is generally easier. (A single form that supports both updating and deleting -- how do you set its method?) The key point is that non-idempotent operations are not performed using GET.

You're technically right about ROA, too; however, when comparing it to SOAP and friends ("classic" web services), the terms ROA and SOA are often used for REST/SOAP Oriented Architecture.

Unknown said...

Can you provide an example on groovy?

Dr. M. Elkstein said...

Hello Vivek,

I'm not a Groovy expert, but I tried adding a new page to accommodate your request: Using REST in Groovy.

Unknown said...

Could you suggest a good C++ open source framework for linux platform.

Eilonvi Pigkeeper said...

The best tutorial EVER. Thanks :)